Sony Bravia KDL-55HX925

Everything about Sony Bravia KDL-55HX925 tv


Looking to get a brand new Tv? We’ve put with each other our top-ranked LCD Televisions, also called televizoare Led,  across a range of screen dimensions and prices.

Wondering which tv or High definition television to acquire? Here’s an thorough think about the features and menus of your great smart Tv from Samsung. The UE40D5520 Brought High definition television with freeview HD Sensible Televisions, act a bit just like a smartphone, enabling you to download applications and study the internet.

This Year, 55-inch and bigger Televisions paid for just for 12 percent from the Australian marketplace. This Year, it’s as significantly as 34 percent. Aussies, it appears, similar to a sizable Tv, despite the fact that we may not be really ready for that 84-inch monoliths becoming shipped by LG as well as the new sony, we’re unquestionably after a thing more than 40-inches.

It has not been that lengthy given that plasma was one of the most well-liked technologies for bigger screens, but LCD has swiftly closed that gap with advances for example Brought back-lighting and enhancements in refresh rates.

Sensible Televisions, televizoare open box,  also, is just concerning the default, instead of a particular function. As you might see inside this listing of reviews, network abilities will even be obtaining increasingly a lot more impressive, each from the property networking viewpoint and from the better IPTV application landscape.

Oddly adequate, three dimensional-ready Televisions are essentially common too, no matter the ongoing lukewarm reception by 3 dimensional viewing within the public. A mixture of active and passive 3 dimensional sections continues, with neither of those two technologies being a apparent marketplace leader.

The The new Sony Bravia KDL-55HX925 is actually a superb Lcd Television, that gives deep shades of black along with a flexible set of features, having said that it does demand some care all through set-up.

Prices vary within this category, also – this round-up dips as little as AU$1649 for that slightly older 47-inch Panasonic Viera and as substantially as AU$4099 for any 55-inch from LG.

So with no any additional preamble, here’s our recommend choice of LCD Televisions, from 47-inches as much as 55-inches.


The new sony made a splash this year making use of its Monolithic televisions – bold, angular and jet-black, they had been Televisions for any modern residing area. Not just that, but models like the HX800 also carried out extremely.

Just how does the organization best these efforts twelve months on? From the style point of view, a minimum of, it does not. The “one-sheet-of-glass” elements stay, nonetheless the glass itself continues to be beefed track of Corning’s impact-resistant Gorilla Glass.
Should you wish to pick the sloped, six-degree “shtick”, you’ll nonetheless can using the enable in the AU$399 stand, with a beefed-up speakers.

Oddly, we discovered that the tv screen we received had seriously been warped, with one for reds drooping for example the ears with an Aussie digger. We suspect this might happen to be a direct result any kind of accident outdoors from the factory, but devoid of testing one more unit, we can not say what effect this deformation could have.


Sony’s Internet Television contains a sizable variety of on-demand channels shipped by Ethernet or maybe the on-board Wi-Fi (802.11n), also to Skype calling capacity using the incorporated camera.

The HX925 now functions Sony’s new X-Reality Specialist image engine, that’s produced to not only trendy and improve standard- and-definition content, but on top of that internet services (through The new sony Online Tv, clearly). Further alternatives that include the television have an “Intelligent Peak Brought” backlight, Motionflow XR 800 for softer photographs and integrated 3 dimensional with two teams of rechargeable glasses tossed in.

The Tv involves the TrackID feature to find information regarding the song that is using the television at that time, and use of Sony’s Music Limitless streaming service.

Ports? It really is Them. Four High-definition multimedia interface, two USBs, an element by means of adaptor, composite, D-sub and digital output.

Overall performance

We discovered that we would have liked to invest slightly of one’s time when calibrating this Tv, as at default levels, there’s a excellent deal of backlight clouding – patchy gray regions in black parts with the image. Even turning the backlight reduce to zero didn’t assistance, and just when initiating the Intelligent Peak Brought did we acquire the inky shades of black that persons had been anticipating.

The Gorilla Glass screen itself is not as well reflective, and images had an advanced of contrast – although, for anyone who is looking for additional dynamic pictures, you’ll need to rather choose a plasma from the type of Samsung or Panasonic.

The Tv carried out well inside our synthetic tests, with all the ideal removing we have observed about the Blu-ray video tests. Nonetheless, we did find out that the tv would sometimes shed its lock about the signal, and jaggies seems prior to the Tv found the signal once again. DVD tests were less than as outstanding, but nonetheless major high quality relating to the TV’s competitors.

An region in which the Tv did succeed was in the testing of their Brought micro-dimming – some Televisions can display a substantial lag when utilizing these effects, searching like an individual turning decrease an easy dimmer switch. But our tests shown the lighting system responded concurrently when switching from dark to light moments. Pointless not for performing things, then!

When tossed extra “watchable” material, the The new sony could produce a decent fist of Jason Bourne III, with smooth pans around the opening to Chapter 11, but coming back from the moire troubles that we had utilizing the test disks. Noise manage was superb, but the television could maintain many in the detail in close-up shots.

When seated to have a look at King Kong, we discovered that the television could cleanup the image significantly, creating a movie-like presentation. Even so, when seen side-by-affiliate together with the Samsung Series 8, we found that the Samsung was far more like.
Sensible Television may well be a try to sell you on advertisements, even so within the flesh it can be the IPTV content material this is the king right here.

Sony’s World wide web Video continues to become sensibly folded in for the desltop about the HX925 – there is no time-wasting loading screen – and it’s not difficult to discover one thing to check out. We chose a chapter from the Gruen Transfer through the iView application, and located it’s cleared up and far enhanced in the version you may almost certainly come across online – similar terrific content material, no harsh pixels!

The new sony has pressed the 3 dimensional skills of their Televisions towards the forefront of their advertising within the final few years, and also the HX925 is supposed to represent the pinnacle from the company’s tips. Effectively, we’ll admit to finding observed superior. With respect to the source, there could be traces of flicker inside the image, and there is a smaller level of crosstalk on contrasting edges. Consequently, it is not as comfy to take a look at as, say, the Panasonic VT30 or perhaps the LG LW6500 together with the periodic 3 dimensional film, it really is OK.

Lastly, appear high quality was decent for this kind of thin television. While we’d often recommend acquiring a separate audio technique should you be seriously thinking about your films, the The new sony does well in numerous circumstances. We found that the television could fairly noisally, without having any audible distortion and with an above common hang on dynamics.


When you are looking to invest 4 grand with an Lcd Television, it absolutely comes reduce to 2 choices: the The new sony HX925 or even the Samsung D8000. In the end like the set of characteristics and simplicity of use from the The new sony, we like the Samsung because of its sparkling display good quality and it truly is cutting-edge design.

The The new sony HX925 is nonetheless an excellent Television by using a little of care within the set-up stage will reward you having a great-searching picture and, in conjunction using the not compulsory stand, will finish up a speaking point for any large amount of “movie periods with buddies” inside the future. Popcorn presented individually.

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